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Here are some of my interests or hobbies:

bulletMovies- I love watching all types of movies.
bulletI tell my mom it's like homework for me.  I love to study the scenes, camera angles, and stunts in them.
bulletScience-I enjoy most any kind of science.  I guess my favorite is Chemistry.  I am interested in chemicals and the things they do when mixed.  I actually really liked Literature class this year.
bulletLegos-There are so many cool things you can build with legos.  I like to build different size buildings with them.  Also, I have some that you build cars and planes out of.
bulletSpy Gadgets-What kid doesn't like spy gadgets....I love all kinds!
bulletDirecting-I have always wanted to be a movie director.  I have really already been directing in some form.  At three years old, I started directing my little brother in skits and things.  And, for as long as I can remember, I have been directing my friends in different things when we get together.  Also, I try to watch shows when directors are on and talking about the movies they have directed.  Some of my favorite directors are:  Ron Howard, Gary Marshall, and Jackie Chan.  I love doing stunts, so it would be really great to work with Jackie Chan some day.

Magic...I love magic, and am learning to perform magic.  I belong to a group  of magicians that meet every month.  They are a great group of people at the Pine Belt Magic Club.  I have a lot to learn about the art. I have learned how to make many balloon animals too.

There's a great guy named Rod, here in New York, that teaches me juggling.  I just got the juggling rings for my birthday....if you see me in the park working with them...stop and say hi.

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