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Hello, my name is Wesley and I'm an actor living in Mississippi.  I travel back and forth to New York City, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  I got this website, so that my friends and fans would be able to stay in touch and keep up with what I am currently working on and where.  When you get through looking at my site, please drop me a note on my Feedback page. 

Thanks and have a great day!

(Feedback page is having problems....if you want to drop me a line, send it to Lisa@WesleyOmary.com )

Favorite Links


These are some of the websites that I like.


Please visit my IMDB Page.


I just filmed Intruder Alert!  Matthew Badger...you are a totally awesome film Director!  Thanks for the robot...I named him Fred.

I RECENTLY FILMED THIS FOR PRCC.  I had just gotten my braces off two days before.

Please watch this:  "Beer Bust Blues"


Here is Audrey Belle's first music video.  I was cast as her co-star.
She is an up and coming country singer in Nashville.  We have become great friends since the video.


Just finished filming a short called "Bohemibot". A live action and digitally animated sci-fi short film directed by Brendan Bellomo under the guidance of Academy Award Winning Animator and NYU Professor John Canemaker.  I play a charactor by the name of Zeptro.  It's a really cool film.  www.bohemibot.com 
BZONE...you rock!!!

If you see me practicing my juggling in Central Park, stop and say hello.  I have a great juggling teacher named Rod Kimball.


Photo Album



Will try to post some new pictures soon.

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, sporting events, and my family.
I'll try to put up some pictures from shows I've done.
I'll list a page later that we can chat on.
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